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March 5, 2010

It’s not only English patriots wot can’t spell it’s noo-Labur two

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From Linda Gilroy MP’s website, in an insultingly sparsely churlish obituary of Michael Foot, former leader of the Labour Party, one of the last of the old guard of politicians with morals, honour and integrity, comes this little piece of typographical inexactitude. She obviously cared enough about her party’s former leader to not even bother to pass a spell-checker over her obituary, which could have been run up in less time than it takes sitting in the 1st class carriage of the First Great Western to get from Plymouth to Ivybridge.

He was a towering intellectual and a great orator – but also a fundementally decent man. even in his nineties he could declaim passionately about the things that mattered to him.

No wonder educational standards are in decline if some of our elected representatives can’t even get it right in the fulsome 3 sentences which they deign to lavish.


March 2, 2010

A petition to support the BBC against enforced cutbacks

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The BBC, dumbed down as it may have been by the aftermath of the Hutton whitewash, is a British national treasure. It is now under pressure to reduce significantly its output and outreach, principally by ruthless and financially motivated individuals such as Rupert Murdoch who want people to pay through the nose for information and knowledge. I would implore anyone in the UK who reads this to sign the Avaaz petition to oppose these changes to send a very clear signal to the powers that like to think they are that we aren’t going to stand for these corporate vultures attempting to suppress a vital and vibrant British institution. The link is here.

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